Jaybo began playing in 2015 and joined the PDGA in 2017. His first tournament was the Bald Eagle Experience in Pepin, WI. The tournament director, Matt Sime creates wooden and acrylic minis. Seeing the creations Matt made, inspired this longtime woodworker to start making a few of his own wood minis from various species of trees, but was only a leisurely passion back then. This has grown into a made-to-order custom mini business and is available to everyone interested in purchasing. He introduced the bag tag league in Marinette in 2018 that has grown in members and increasing with each new year. He hosts league three nights a week in the Marinette area, and also schedules the tournaments that have been hosted there. In addition to that, he is a full time antique furniture restoration carpenter, plus find the time to hand make the custom wood minis, he also travels home to his private course in Tennessee, Broken Still Disc Golf Club, where he hosts leagues and tournaments there as well. Jason plays MA50, and bags MVP and Axiom. Favorite disc is the Hex and putts with Atoms. PDGA #100560 


    Nick “SONIC” Kaminski

    Sonic is pushing into his 12th year in the sport. A founding member of the Fore20 DGC, and has played with the Marinette Area disc golfers since the beginning. Nick is a supportive competitor, always cheering for the improvement of anybody out there willing to learn and listen, and is great at mentoring. He is 3 year member of Team FYM and the first player sponsored by us. His go-to discs are the Innova Star Wraith and Innova Dx Roc. He putts with Innova Firefly’s. His favorite tournament is Clash at the Canyons at Delwood, which is his favorite course. His favorite player is Philo Brathwaite. The home course for Sonic is
    Fel-Pro RRR. His career goals are to be on the lead card in an A-tier.  PDGA #136274

    Nicole Casalina 

    Nicole is shredding it at 43 years young, and a mother to 3 teenage boys !! She is an Army Veteran who loves to have fun and only “Adults” when she must. Disc Golf has become an enormous enjoyment in her life as it has for so many of us! She has integrated the strengths of her discipline and directed it towards a focus for continuing improvement at higher and higher levels in this competitive sport. Practicing frequently, and whenever the time allows,
    she has high hopes of competing in countless future tournaments. With this new competitive mindset driving her to becoming her best, and locked onto her goals, her potential is limitless. When you’re determined like Nicole, there are no set bars. And while she has been apart of the sport since 2011 the desire and passion has only recently rekindled the fight in her! She only throws trilogy, in respect to her 3 boys which were sponsored by them. Nicole is humbled and stoked about the Found Your Disc Sponsorship! The goals she holds for are to grow the sport, make lasting friendships, learn from her peers, and help educate and encourage other women to play, oh.. and cuss as much as she does!!!

    Also sponsored by Flying Colors Disc Golf in Woodbury Tennessee. Plays FA40

    Favorite course Woodland Park in Columbia Tennessee. Favorite disc is Lucid Trespass. PDGA #165680


    Nathan “Spank” Mottl

    extensive disc golf resume and vast knowledge…which has now grown exponentially from a decade of learning, studying, and regular playing, has leapt forward his skills at an applaudable rate.  His determination has him fully committed to this sport since he picked up plastic once again in 2018. That mindset has empowered everyone around him and as he’s improved, he selflessly encourages us all, and is a wonderful advisor for the future success of all players and those willing to listen. He is a Founding member of Marinette Area Disc Golfers and in 2020, Nate was crowned champ of winter marksman putting league, as the AM league champion. Father of one daughter. Favorite disc is the Relay and Nomad.  PDGA #129808

    Justin Morris PDGA #158947


     Justin started his disc golf journey in 2018. He joined the PDGA in 2021 and hasn't looked back. Today he works for Dynamic Discs Music City (as well as his day job but who cares about day jobs) and co-hosts events all over Tennessee. Avid amateur player and all-around dischead, Justin loves all facets of the game from course maintenance and installation to volunteering and the occasional tournament directing. Justin loves spreading the word of disc golf to anyone who will listen and we are proud to have him on the team.