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Divergent Discs is different from other disc golf companies.


Discs for the Rest of Us

While the focus of most disc golf manufacturers is on the professional player, our focus is on the casual every day player. Our discs are designed specifically for new and recreational disc golfers. If you’re young, old, or just like playing the occasional recreational round of disc golf our discs are for you.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider trying Divergent Discs:


Simplicity – Our discs are simple. No need to be overwhelmed by all of the different plastic types and variations. Simple molds in bright basic colors and standard weights making it easy to choose and replace.

Easy to Throw – Our discs are designed for the average casual player. The average disc golfer does not throw 400+ feet, in fact survey results show that most people who play disc golf consider 300 feet a good throw. Most discs on the market are very overstable, because the molds are designed for sponsored professionals (their main marketing source) who need that kind of stability to handle their massive power. Divergent Discs are designed for the casual every day player. Our discs will give you more control and distance than the average disc of the major brands.

Affordable – While other companies pay big dollars to professional disc golfers to market their brand, we pass that savings along to you. Think of it kind of like name brand cereals. When you’re shopping the supermarket, you can pay for the premium brand cereal, the one that invests millions into advertising, or you can purchase the generic brand for substantially less. Our plastic blend was developed to be the perfect blend of premium feel at a low price. While there are some discs on the market available at a cheaper price, you won’t find a more affordable premium plastic than Divergent Discs.

Fun Variety – After you find the disc molds you love, we have additional fun plastic versions that make your discs more interesting. Try our MaxGrip UV and Incognito discs that change color in sunlight. Use our glow in the dark discs for disc golf rounds at night. Make your friends laugh with our full color print discs. Disc golf should be fun, even if you aren’t able to shoot under par.

Pay less. Throw better. Have fun.

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